Fence Repairs

Fence Repairs in Chelmsford, Essex

Also covering, Basildon, Braintree, Billericay, Brentwood, Danbury, Maldon, Witham, Ingatestone.

When your fence is damaged in high winds or just through wear and tear, your security may be compromised.

Chelmsford Fencing offer a fence repairs service that will secure your property. Our service includes:

  • Replacement of fence panels (like for like)
  • Concrete spurs to strengthen existing posts
  • Replacement of snapped posts (wooden or concrete)
  • Repairs/replacement of gates (most cost effective solution offered)
  • Removing your damaged fence

We are often able to provide quotes over the phone that are subject to a site survey. We also offer a 1 Years Waranty on all our repair jobs.

During stormy periods, demand for fence repairs can be extremely high, so we recommend contacting us as soon as possible.

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Chainlink Fencing

Garden Chainlink Fencing Installers in Chelmsford, Essex

Chainlink fencing for gardens is a cost effective fencing solution. The main benefits are:

  • Fast and cost effective installation
  • Uninterrupted views of countryside
  • Ideal as perimeter fences for pets (i.e. dogs)

Heights generally range from 1m to 1.8m. Chain link fencing comes in a range of colours and grades to suit requirements. The chainlink fencing can be attached to wooden, metal or tubular posts that are concreted into the ground and strutted where necessary for additional strength.

Gates can be fitted to match.

We can also supply and install chainlink fencing for commercial uses (i.e. perimeter fences and car parks) and recreational uses such as playground areas and tennis courts.

Contact us for a site visit and a competitive quotation.

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Picket Fencing

Picket Fencing in Chelmsford, Essex

Picket fencing provides cost effective and attractive boundary fence. The vertical pales allow for visibility through the fence, but are still effective at keeping dogs in and small animals out.

The picket bays are pre-constructed at 6′ widths, usually at 3′ and 4′ heights and attach to treated wooden posts that are concreted in. The pales come pre-constructed in a pointed or rounded finish. There is also an untreated option for clients who wish to treat or paint the wood.

We can also install picket gates to match in wither standard widths or custom made to your specifications.

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Closeboard Fencing

Closeboard Fencing in Chelmsford, Essex

This extremely high quality fence is completely constructed of pressure treated wood (posts, rails, gravel boards, and feather edge boards with optional capping) can give up to 15 years of life. Using wooden materials allows far more flexibility in areas with angled boundary lines as well as being able to build the fence in gradients.  As an alternative option, concrete posts can be used to add additional strength and longevity to the fence.

The feather board side of the fence gives an attractive continuous run that is unbroken by posts making it a popular choice for gardens.

Closeboard fencing is very flexible allowing for installation on steep gradients and in between brick pillars.

In accordance with UK planning regulations, a solid fence can be built to a maximum height of 2 meters with the requirement for planning permission.

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Garden Gates in Chelmsford

Garden Gates

Garden Gates in Chelmsford, Essex

Chelmsford Fencing will come out and provide a free site survey for the installation or replacement of a garden gate. Standard sized gates (widths of 2’6″, 3′,0″ and 3’6″) in a variety of styles can be installed with all the gate furniture required.

Bespoke Garden Gates

Should your gate be a non standard size, we can measure up and build a bespoke gate to your exact requirements using high quality timber materials to match your existing fence.

As well as standard garden gates, we can install:

  • Field gates & pedestrian gates to match which are ideal for entrances to driveways.
  • Gates that match chainlink fencing.

Should you require automated gates that can be opened and closed remotely, we are happy to provide a quotation.

Should your gate be a non standard size, we can measure up and build a bespoke gate to your exact requirements using high quality timber materials.

Please also check out our security gates.

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Post and Rail Fencing in Chelmsford

Post and Rail Fencing

Agricultural Post & Rail Fencing in Chelmsford, Essex

Post and rail fencing can make for an attractive perimeter fence in a domestic environment. The open style of the fence causes minimal disruption to views, yet still provides a secure fence that is popular for keeping pets in and small animals out.

There are also options to have heavy duty wire for livestock as well as dug in rabbit wire to protect the lawn areas. Fence posts are concreted in at 1.8m centres, and the treated wood materials allow for gently curving fences as well as various angles and gradient of land.

Post and rail fencing can be constructed with posts driven into the ground by machine or hand. Alternatively, the posts can be concreted in.

Wooden Field Gates

Field gates can also be installed. Examples can be seen on our gates page.

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Wood Fence Panel

Wood Fence Panel Installation in Chelmsford, Essex

Panel fencing comes in a variety of different styles (waney lap, arched and closeboard etc…). For a robust finish they slot into concrete posts and rest on concrete gravel boards for easy maintenance and longevity.

Wood fence panels make for an ideal boundary and can be increased in height with trellis work without any planning concerns. All panels are at a standard 6′ (1.83m) width with options for 2′, 3′, 4′, 5′ and 6′ high panels. Wooden fence panels can be shortened for end of runs and angled for fences that increase in height.

Under UK planning regulations, a solid fence panel can be no higher that 2 meters.

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