Closeboard Fencing in Chelmsford, Essex

This extremely high quality fence is completely constructed of pressure treated wood (posts, rails, gravel boards, and feather edge boards with optional capping) can give up to 15 years of life. Using wooden materials allows far more flexibility in areas with angled boundary lines as well as being able to build the fence in gradients.  As an alternative option, concrete posts can be used to add additional strength and longevity to the fence.

The feather board side of the fence gives an attractive continuous run that is unbroken by posts making it a popular choice for gardens.

Closeboard fencing is very flexible allowing for installation on steep gradients and in between brick pillars.

In accordance with UK planning regulations, a solid fence can be built to a maximum height of 2 meters with the requirement for planning permission.

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Close board fence cut to allow for trellis to be installed on top to allow views of the countryside #chelmsfordessex #fencing #cffencing ...